Teresa Suydam

Teresa Suydam is a Denver-based musician who loves singing pop, rock, punk, and musical theatre. She was heavily influenced by artists such as Evanescence, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco, Disney, and J-pop music. Teresa received her B.S. in Vocal Performance from the University of Colorado Denver where she studied a variety of genres with Dr. Erin Hackel.

Throughout her schooling, Teresa learned how to play piano, guitar, ukeuele, and the mandolin; and specializes in learning songs and new instruments quickly. She sang in bluegrass groups, pop/rock groups, and was part of Lark, a nationally acclaimed all-female a cappella group. She has gotten to travel the nation and the world through music. Not only is Teresa a singer/songwriter in Denver, but she sings back-up vocals in a neo funk/soul group, Emma Mayes & The HIP.

Teresa believes that every singer has their own unique and distinct voice, and that it is important to access and nurture that voice. She has gained so much passion and knowledge through her voice lesson instructors, and she loves giving that back to her own students.

When Teresa is not performing or teaching, you can find her running, walking her corgi, Persephone, or Pokemoning along Clear Creek.

Area of Expertise:
A cappella singing
Vocal Development
Vocal Health

Email: teresasuydam@gmail.com
Phone: 720.401.0992